Grading to 2nd Kyu (Brown belt)

Very happy after a tough grading weekend with Sensei Petar Sprem so I passed the graduation and now I have (Brown Belt) 2nd Kyu. OSU!

GOLD in Waterpoort Cup 2013 in Sneek Holland!

Back home after a great  competition weekend in Sneek in Holland where i competed in Waterpoort Cup Tournament 2013.
I placed myself on the 1st place (GOLD) OSU!DSC_0140

Grand Master Kazuyuki Hasegawa Shihan Grading!

This weekend, I participated in Sweden Sokyokushin summer camp was attended by

Grand Master  Kazuyuki Shihan Hasegawa 9 Dan President of the World Sokyokyshin.
代表 长谷川 一 幸 最高 师范
The summer camp ended with graduation for me as I passed.
I now have 3 kyu. OSU!


Upcoming !!!

1 to 4 August, the summer camp with Shihan Hasegawa 8 Dan from Japan.

And I’ll grade for Shihan Hasegawa to 3th kyu.

After summer camp, so I’m going to Thailand for look at the

2013 World Kumite Championship in Pattaya and after it will be 3 weeks holiday in Thailand. OSU!


Iám Swedish Champion in Kumite 2013

I won my class in Kumite in Sweden Junior Kyokushin Open 2013
and placed me 3rd place in Kata.
Iam Swedish Champion in Kumite. OSU!


Takuma Kouketsu (Japan) World Champion 2012

 Me & Senpai Takuma Kouketsu  (Japan) World Champion 2012 & Senpai Kevin Wiklund.

Stora Högas Christmas Cup Kumite Tournament 2013

I did take 1:a (Gold) in Stora Högas Christmas Cup  kumite tournament on 13 January  – 2013 13 fighters from Wiklund Dojo and we bring home 6 gold 2 silver 1 brons. OSU! 

New belt 4 kyu OSU!

Today I passed my graduation to 4 kyu so now i

charge and increase training to the next graduation. OSU!

Tamashewari at autumn camp 2012


Back home from Waterpoort Cup Championchip 2012

Back home after a great competition weekend in Sneek in the Netherlands. No trophy this time for me 5 place but am glad that everyone else in the dojo who received trophies. Just to recharge for the next competition and there will be a trophy. OSU!